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    E. coli – Yeast – Baculovirus / Insect cells – Mammalian cells
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  • More than 250 000 products !

    More than 250 000 products !

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Who is Proteogenix?


ProteoGenix is a leading CRO offering products and services to the life science community. Our biology services are based on four pillars:

Recombinant Protein Expression in 4 systems (E. Coli, Yeast, Insect cells and Mammalian cells)

Custom Peptide Synthesis


Monoclonal and Polyclonal Antibody Production

Custom Gene Synthesis, Subcloning and Mutagenesis

We also market 160 000+ products available on our website with many useful information ministereincluding prices. Please use our product research tool at the top right hand corner of any page of our website to find commercial antibodies, proteins, Elisa kits, Tissue Microarrays, tissue slides, nucleic acids purification kits (DNA and RNA)…

Our commitment is to provide the highest quality of service using the most advanced technologies but always with very competitive prices. We strongly believe that it will keep increasing the pace of discoveries and contribute to develop new treatments and save lives. During the last 10 years many famous customers have trusted our services for their research & development: Sanofi-Aventis, GlaxoSmithKline, Institut Pasteur, Institut Curie, IGBMC, New York University, Pierre Fabre, Inserm, CNRS, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University of Pretoria, University of Wroclaw, Max-Planck-Institute and many more.

ProteoGenix News

40% peptide synthesis

40% peptide synthesis

This exceptional offer is valid for orders placed between November 3rd to January 31st 2015 included.

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More information about our Protein, Peptide antibody and gene services:

custom molecule
polyclonal antibodies

Polyclonal Packages


  • Standard Package – Customer’s protein – PACK1
  • Standard Package including purification – Customer’s protein – PACK2
  • Peptide package without purification – PACK3
  • Peptide package with purification – PACK4
  • EXPRESS production of polyclonal antibodies – 28 days – PACK5
  • Protein production and polyclonal antibody – PACK7
  • Protein production and affinity purified polyclonal antibody – PACK8
  • Modification specific package – PACK9
  • Western-Blot guaranteed polyclonal antibody package – PACK10
monoclonal antibodies

Monoclonal Packages


  • Standard Package – Customer’s protein – PACK1M
  • Peptide package – Peptide synthesis included – PACK2M
  • EXPRESS package – 8 to 10 weeks – PACK3M
  • Protein package – protein production included – PACK4M
  • Phospho specific package – peptides synthesis included – PACK5M
  • Western-Blot guaranteed package – Peptide synthesis included – PACK6M
  • ELISA sandwich development package – PACK7M